Duct Tape and Bubble Wrap for the Holidays

Duct tape. I just love saying those two words: Duct tape. When you pronounce it, do you actually say the “t” at the end of duct? Or do you pronounce it “duck “ tape?  I myself find that alternating pronunciations works well for me.

On a recent outing to the local supermarket, I was elated to discover that duct tape now comes in assorted colors, and that you can even buy rolls of it with pretty little designs imprinted on it. This was something that some friends and I had actually been talking about inventing a year ago, but never pursued. We’d probably be raking in the bucks now, though, if we’d followed through on that idea. I mean, just think of it! Now one doesn’t need to actually buy any wrapping paper at all! We can wrap all our presents in the glories of festive duct tape, and call it good.

Of course, when wrapping a present in duct tape you might want to place a strip of bubble wrap in between the tape and the gift – this will help prevent the duct tape from sticking to the gift in a most unattractive fashion, and it will also give the recipient of your gift the pleasure of more bubble wrap to pop during the holidays. In fact. Hell. Just forget the gift altogether, and decorate a huge wad of bubble wrap in fancy duct tape, and watch your loved one’s eyes shine as she rips away the tape to find bubble wrap waiting for her eager fingers!

Let’s make the holidays easy on ourselves this year, my friends.  No more hours spent methodically cutting up wrapping paper to just the right size – which, in the end, never seems to be just the right size. No more getting pieces of transparent tape stuck in places you never intended for it to go. No more fussing with ribbons and bows. No more worrying about how to wrap things like basketballs and guitars.  Bring the magic of duct tape and bubble wrap into your homes this Christmas, and enjoy the season like never before!