Bias Against Boomers

A couple weeks before the Washington State caucuses, phone calls started coming to our house from the Bernie Sanders folks. I am – and have been since the day he announced his candidacy – a Bernie Sanders supporter. I have contributed to his campaign.Preached the good word of Bernie Sanders. Started a Facebook group in support of him. But these callers never wanted to speak to me. They always asked if my oldest son was at home. One time one of the callers asked me a series of questions and when she found out my age, she said, “Thank you,” and hung up on me. Finally, a few days before the caucus, when one of the callers asked for my oldest son, I was able to say before she hung up, “We are all Bernie Sanders supporters here.” She laughed with relief – and surprise.

The Millennials do not own Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton does not own Boomer women.

Although I’d vote, without hesitation, for Hillary Clinton over any of the Republican candidates, for sure – I’m still rooting for Bernie Sanders to win the Democratic nomination.

Boomers for Bernie




Rosalita Ipswich O’Molenovich Got Her First Bumper Sticker Today

I bought Rosalita Ipswich O’Molenovich on the last day of 2015. For almost two months I have kept her bumper sticker-free. But today Rosalita got her first sticker… which, for a car, is kind of like getting your ears pierced or getting your first tattoo. It is a big deal.

She seems to like it. 🙂


Rosalita’s first bumper sticker.


An Ode to the Bern

And now I give you an ode to Bernie –

You’ll rarely see his mug on FOX
or sitting in a corporate box.
He doesn’t hang out on CNBC,
or get paid by corporations for a speaker’s fee.
The media owned by the insanely rich
isn’t the outlet of choice for his political pitch.
For corporate media has become old news,
and other newer avenues, he does choose.
He emails, blogs, twitters, and does the Eff Bee –
he’s gone directly to the people, for all to see
that there’s another direction for us to turn –
let’s share the wealth and feel the Bern!
– Karen Wingoof




(To be sung to the tune of Grateful Dead’s Truckin’)

Trumpin’, got gazillions to spend. Keep trumpin’ like the “Apprentice” man.
GOPs, more or less the same, ‘publicans stumpin’ on.

Bushes and Cruzes and Rubios, Walkers and Kasich-ohs
Florida, Wall Street, Texas –  all on the same bankroll.
Your typical bully playing the typical corporate game.
Hang  it up and see who they’ll find to blame.

Trumpin’, claiming  women’s wombs as your own. Trumpin’, immigrants told to go “home.”
Workers, working for slave wage, ‘publicans trumpin’ on.

Busybodies, bullies, and bossybritches thinking they own you,
telling you who you can marry and who you cannot.
Starting wars to profit off our citizens’ taxes.
Not concerned about looking like GOP asses.

Trumpin’, the hair’s the least of our probs. Trumpin, shipping out our jobs
to sweatshops out in Asia somewhere. Who cares if the wage is fair?

Sometimes Bernie’s giving me hope.
Sometimes I’d like to elect the Pope.
Maybe it occurs to me, what a long, strange campaign it’s been.