Protecting our right to be bigots – does it get any better than this?!

Just when you think the world can’t possibly get any crazier, some new insanity pushes itself through the crowd to claim the Grand Prize. So… did you hear the one about Gov Pence of Indiana signing into law a bill that protects the right of bigots to practice their bigotry? Yeah. It is now legal in the state of Indiana for businesses to reject gay customers. If a bigoted restaurant owner, hotel owner, or grocer, or barber, baker, or candle-stick maker doesn’t want to serve homosexuals, he can now refuse to provide them with goods and services. I mean… heaven forbid that we should discriminate against people who want to discriminate against people for… well… having been born different. Because that would just be wrong… right?

And I’m thinking – let’s not stop there. Let’s put a bill in front of Pence that will protect the right of people to discriminate against other people who were born “different” – red heads are in the minority – let’s put them on the list; and left-handers – they are way scary; and really tall people because they consume too much of our earth’s resources; and people with freckles – those freckled folks should all be discriminated against, for sure.

Of course, I’m not exactly sure how any of this is going to help anyone. The businesses can’t make money off of customers they refuse to serve, right? And the customers can’t help keep the economy going, if people refuse to serve them. AND I’m not sure how, exactly, hating on any of God’s children is showing reverence to God…am I missing something…?

– Karen Molenaar Terrell

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Bossy Britches Busybodies

“There once was a chap who was ‘Christian’

the type who was bossy and itchin’

to put his nose in your business

and kumbaya you with Jesus

and follow you from your bedroom to kitchen…”

– excerpt from The Humoristian Chronicles: A Most Unusual Fellowship

It seems to me that our world is now divided into two teams: The Bossy Britches Busybodies are on one side of the field, earnestly and busily trying to force everyone else to conform to their ideologies; and the Live-and-Let-Live folks are on the other side of the field, bemused expressions on their faces, trying to comprehend why it’s so important to the Busybodies that everyone hold the same beliefs as them.

I have never understood this need the Bossy Britches Busybodies seem to have for everyone to share their beliefs. I’ve never understood why it seems so important to the BBB that everyone else think, and live their lives, the same way they do.  Busybodies seem so completely sure of themselves. So completely intolerant, and afraid, of beliefs and lifestyles different from their own – so quick to judge and condemn, and stand in self-righteous indignation against anyone who happens to disagree with them.  And the irony of all this is that most of the people who are on the BBB team would tell you that they are followers of a religion whose leader preached that we should “judge not, that ye be not judged” and who told us to love our neighbors, love our enemies, and to take the “beam” out of our own eye, before we point to the “mote” in someone else’s eye.

Personally, I have no problem with people believing whatever it is they want to believe about stuff – as my dear Aunt Junie used to say, “Whatever makes your socks go up and down” – so long, of course, as those beliefs don’t cause harm to others.

Frankly, I don’t think that our beliefs are as important as what we do with those beliefs.

If our beliefs lead to a place of hate, anger, and fear, and cause us to try to deny another citizen his rights – this is probably a sign that our beliefs are not helpful to the world.  Every citizen of our nation should have the exact same rights as every other citizen – regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation.  And – so long as no one else is harmed – every citizen should have the right to the “pursuit of happiness.” What business is it of yours or mine what consenting adults do with each other in the privacy of their own home? Why, I wonder, are Busybodies so fascinated with someone else’s sex life?  And why should anyone want to  deny someone else the right to marry the person he loves just because he has a different sexual orientation?

If, on the other hand, our beliefs lead us to a place of kindness, humanity, and compassion, and cause us to seek social justice – to “heal the sick” and “feed the hungry” and shelter the homeless (as Jesus admonished us to do) – that’s probably a good sign that our beliefs are worth keeping.

“For we hear that there are some which walk among you disorderly, working not at all, but are busybodies.Now them that are such we command and exhort by our Lord Jesus Christ, that with quietness they work, and eat their own bread.”

II Thessalonians 3: 11,12

In other words, mind your own business, for crying out loud!


Hah! Well, it’s only taken me three months to figure out how to use the “About” page. Yeah. I know. I am one of them there techno-geniusii. Do not be too intimidated by my computer savvy. I’m sure you’re cool in your own way, too.

So what is this blog about?

Perhaps I should do one of those official mission statement dealies:The mission of Humoristianity is to spread laughter and good will across our planet.

Here are the tenets to the one true fallacious faith –

1) You must be able to laugh at yourself.

2) You must be able to recognize how ludicrous your beliefs might appear to others.

3) You must want nothing but good for everyone, everywhere in the universe.

4) You must have a natural aversion to meetings, committees, and scheduled events (as we will be having none of those).

5) You must enjoy the humor of… (here we had some internal conflict within the faith – but if you’re a Jerry Lewis kind of guy, you might want to think about starting your own religion – although we wish you nothing but good).


So that’s pretty much what we’re about here. Humor, my friends. Humor.

Wingoov is the author of *Blessings: Adventures of a Madcap Christian Scientist* and co-author with her friends of *The Humoristian Chronicles: A Most Unusual Fellowship*

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Dear faithful members of the one true fallacious faith,

My dear Humoristian hooligans,


As we begin another day in battle against the stodgy, the pompous, and the ridiculously indignant, may we always keep our eye on the mission we have enlisted to achieve: To overcome bossy britches bigotry and bullying with humor, sass, and good-natured joie de vivre.  Yes, as we (cue in the music here – something rousing, something that stirs the heart and…what? My orchestra is protesting on Wall Street? Man, I love those guys…okay…so maybe we could all just humm? Or…well, I can’t actually humm and speak at the same time…so, maybe if you all could humm…and is that how you spell humm? Two m’s? One?…) Oh, just go out there and make ’em laugh!


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