2018 Will Be Our 1783

Meet some victims of the Trump Tax Plan here.

No taxation without representation!

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“Who’s (sic) fault is it?”

So a letter came addressed to me from *The Weekly Standard*. Here is, in part, what it said (and those of you who know me might get a good chuckle out of this):
“Dear Fellow Conservative: We have both houses of Congress AND the White House, but important legislation still isn’t getting passed. Obamacare repeal and replace. Immigration reform. Income tax overhaul. And so much more. Who’s (sic – and any respected journalist should know it’s “whose”) fault IS it? President Trump’s? Mitch McConnell’s? Paul Ryan’s? And what about the vicious attacks from the liberal left? The non-stop flow of fake news coming out of the liberal media?”

Karen’s answers to these really profound and erudite questions: “Whose (edit) fault is it? President Trump’s? Mitch McConnell’s? Paul Ryan’s?” Yes. Yes. And yes.

Who’s to blame that things aren’t getting done when Republicans have control of BOTH the Senate and the House of Representatives, as well as a Republican President sitting in the White House? SERIOUSLY?!! Well, you definitely can’t blame Obama this time.You can’t blame the Democrats. And you most certainly can’t blame Bernie. The Republicans are in charge. They hold the ball. It’s their choice where they want to take it.The fact that some of them actually want to do good, instead of evil, for their constituents (and the fact that all of the House members are up for re-election in a year) is what is keeping legislation from being passed that would harm the poor and middle class..

Obamacare – aka The Affordable Care Act – has provided health care insurance to millions of people who couldn’t otherwise afford it; The “immigration reform” proposed by the Republican executive branch would cause grievous harm to innocent people trying to find refuge and better lives for themselves in our country; and if Republicans put through their proposal for tax reform the lower and middle classes are going to lose ground terribly, and the top 2% are going to gain. Again.

Thank goodness we have Republicans of conscience and integrity in the House and the Senate who aren’t supporting this regressive/repressive legislation.But do not blame the progressives because things aren’t getting done. They aren’t the ones in control here.

Regarding the “vicious attacks” from the liberal left? That’s like the schoolyard bully calling someone “vicious” for standing between him and his victim. You can’t get away with launching insults and lies and name-calling (libtard, snowflake, etc.), telling people to shut up if you don’t like what they have to say, and then act all innocent and play the victim. That is nonsense.

Regarding the “non-stop flow of fake news coming out of the liberal media”: Fake news isn’t just the news you don’t happen to like. When people are caught in wrong-doing, it is not “fake news” to expose them. It is journalism.

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The Top of Their List

Nazis marching in the streets of Charlottesville. People dying in Puerto Rico. Threat of nuclear war with N. Korea. Mass shooting in Vegas. And what do our leaders make their priority – what do they put at the top of their list? NFL players kneeling peacefully in protest in a football stadium.

What has happened to my country?

Just Another Day in America

I’ve been debating whether or not to share this – it’s kind of embarrassing. I think my Republican friends will appreciate the humor in this, though, and I think my Democrat friends will get a good guffaw from it, too. Yea and verily, may rich and poor, conservative and liberal, white and black, gay and straight and purple and pink polka dotted and zebra-striped come together in unity at this time to laugh at another classic Karen Moment.

So we’re in this diner, and I notice a couple of motorcyclists sitting at another table. Their jackets are festooned in badges. The woman has a badge for Canada – which, I love Canada. And I notice the man has a badge for Obama – and I’m thinking these are my people, right?

So as they’re leaving I say to the man: I love everything you’ve got going on with those badges.

And the man says, “Really? I wasn’t so sure the people on the west coast would appreciate this one,” and he points to the Obama badge.

I tell him I love that one, and he seems really surprised and pleased by this. And then I look closer and see that the badge actually says, “Obama: The biggest bada$$ mistake America ever made.”

And I say, “Oh. I voted for him.”

And he says, “Yeah.” And gives me the sweetest smile – kind of disappointed and sad – but really sweet. And then he says – and this is genuine, “But you have a really good day, okay?”

And I wish him a really good day back.

And so it goes. Another day in America. 🙂

– Karen