Bias Against Boomers

A couple weeks before the Washington State caucuses, phone calls started coming to our house from the Bernie Sanders folks. I am – and have been since the day he announced his candidacy – a Bernie Sanders supporter. I have contributed to his campaign.Preached the good word of Bernie Sanders. Started a Facebook group in support of him. But these callers never wanted to speak to me. They always asked if my oldest son was at home. One time one of the callers asked me a series of questions and when she found out my age, she said, “Thank you,” and hung up on me. Finally, a few days before the caucus, when one of the callers asked for my oldest son, I was able to say before she hung up, “We are all Bernie Sanders supporters here.” She laughed with relief – and surprise.

The Millennials do not own Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton does not own Boomer women.

Although I’d vote, without hesitation, for Hillary Clinton over any of the Republican candidates, for sure – I’m still rooting for Bernie Sanders to win the Democratic nomination.

Boomers for Bernie




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