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Snippets from the Week

A caregiver came in to wake my 97 year-old Dad up and tend to him this morning. “Don’t wake me up. I’m having a dream that I’m driving,” he said.


Uprising at The Home: Apparently Moz is rabble-rousing at the retirement home. “Yam chips are not supposed to be served cold,” Moz told me indignantly, and then told me that she let the cook know her feelings about this matter. She said the other ladies at her table in the dining hall agreed with her. “We need to make our voices heard!” Moz told them.

Right on, Moz! Power to the people!


I have discovered a new espresso place near Moz and Dad’s – a cheery little walk-in. After I’d ordered my lavender-flavored green iced tea I turned around to find a place to sit while I waited for it, and settled myself into a comfy chair. It was then I noticed I was the only woman in the shop – every other seat and sofa was occupied by a man. “I’m the only woman!” I pointed out. The men said they’d scared all the other women away. “I ain’t ascared,” I said, bravely.

“Not, yet,” came the quiet reply. Laughter all around. 🙂


I was in the detergent aisle of the local supermarket. I do not like the detergent aisle. It makes my eyes water. I hid my nose behind the front of my coat, and went on a search for laundry soap. My favorite detergent is All Free and Clear – no scents, no dyes – and I was comparing the price of the smaller one to the larger one when a woman leaned down, picked up the large All Free and Clear from the bottom shelf and moved on. I looked at the man following behind her and said, “There’s a woman who knows what she wants!” He started laughing, and the woman turned around and grinned. She told me that she doesn’t like any detergents that have perfumes in them – and I told her I held the same opinion – and we had a lovely conversation about chemicals and so forth – and realized we were kindred spirits.


Snippets and connections all around. Highlights from my week. Who knows what the next week will bring? 🙂

And here’s a photo from the week because people always like photos in the posts.


Full Moon in Branches (Karen Molenaar Terrell)

Bias Against Boomers

A couple weeks before the Washington State caucuses, phone calls started coming to our house from the Bernie Sanders folks. I am – and have been since the day he announced his candidacy – a Bernie Sanders supporter. I have contributed to his campaign.Preached the good word of Bernie Sanders. Started a Facebook group in support of him. But these callers never wanted to speak to me. They always asked if my oldest son was at home. One time one of the callers asked me a series of questions and when she found out my age, she said, “Thank you,” and hung up on me. Finally, a few days before the caucus, when one of the callers asked for my oldest son, I was able to say before she hung up, “We are all Bernie Sanders supporters here.” She laughed with relief – and surprise.

The Millennials do not own Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton does not own Boomer women.

Although I’d vote, without hesitation, for Hillary Clinton over any of the Republican candidates, for sure – I’m still rooting for Bernie Sanders to win the Democratic nomination.

Boomers for Bernie