Dad’s New Shoes

“…The best part, though, was that moment when we walked into the apartment he shares with Mom. “Whoo hoo!” he called to his wife. Mom came out of the bedroom, and Dad held up one of his feet. “Look at what I’ve got!”…”


Inn Celebration of National Homonym Day

My deer friends – as ewe rise two greet a knew day, may you’re harts bee marry and filled with hope. May ewe sea all the possibilities and opportunities four good, and bee great-ful fore each and every won. May love surround ewe and fill ewe, and burst out of ewe inn joy. May every won ewe meat bee touched buy you’re kindness and good humor. Amen.

(Sew Congress has not, exactly, declared two-day National Homonym Day ore anything… butt eye figure if wee waited around for those guys wee wood bee waiting a long thyme. And sew eye took this responsibility on myself. I mene… y not, write?

-Karen Wingoof

Humoristianity’s Most Sacred Holiday

“Humor has a way of bringing people together. It unites people. In fact, I’m rather serious when I suggest that someone should plant a few whooppee cushions in the United Nations.”
– Ron Dentinger

My dear Humoristian hooligans –

As you know, today is our most sacred holiday. Well… okay… yeah… today is Humoristianity’s ONLY holiday.. May you enjoy all the silliness you encounter today. May you see every piece of nonsense for what it is – another reason to laugh. May the slings and arrows of outrageous political posturing make you laugh so hard you’re doubled over with tears pouring down your face. May you join with Humoristians the world over to celebrate the power of a good laugh. May your pranks be benign and your humor self-deprecating.