Ummm… so about the hashtag dealie?

So Austin, my Twitter trainer-tutor (yeah, trying saying THAT bit really fast), in the strange and wonderful new (for me) land of Twitterville – advises me to post some of my old blog posts today and “add the hashtag #MondayBlogs.”  And I will do this, for sure. As soon as I figure out what in the flying manatee he means by this. I am too embarrassed to ask him. But my goal is to figure it out by the end of the day and perform this action on my Twitter account. How hard could it be, right? I am a college-educated woman, after all. Cum Laude even. Which… okay, so that’s maybe not as good as Magna and Summa, but still… how much laude does a person need to figure this out? How hard could it be, right?

I shall keep you posted.




2 thoughts on “Ummm… so about the hashtag dealie?

  1. Hah! I think I’ve got it, Bram! You just add # in front of categories for your post – like #funny – or whatever, and that tags it so people can reference it. I mean… I think I’m doing this right… although it’s almost too simple, isn’t it? Shirley, it must be more complicated than that, right? And, I know, I need to stop calling you Shirley.

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