Becoming Mrs. Santa Claus

Okay, here’s an interesting thing. My husband bought me this really nifty Norwegian wool sweater for Christmas. I love buttoning myself into it. I feel cozy in there. But as soon as I put it on the first time I felt a kind of transformation going on in me. I felt like I was becoming Mrs. Santa Claus. And I liked it! What in the heck?! I’ve known for some time that I am no longer a dewy-eyed ingenue… but… when did I start finding pleasure in the idea of being Mrs. Santa Claus? When did the idea of being the cheery wish-granting Fairy Godmother, instead of the lithe and winsome Cinderella, start appealing to me? When, exactly, did I stop wanting to play the part of Maria, and instead want to play the part of the Mother Superior and sing Climb Every Mountain? I’m kind of surprised by my attitude, to tell you the truth. But I’m sitting here with a smile on my face as I imagine zapping Cinderella into her new ball gown with a wave of my wand… I mean… how cool would that be?!

mrs. claus


3 thoughts on “Becoming Mrs. Santa Claus

  1. Very cool, indeed. I find that as I get older, I want mythic heroes who are more my age. I encourage to embrace your inner Mrs. Claus with all the gusto you can possibly muster. I will be cheering you on from the sidelines!

    • Heliopolister (and what an awesome moniker!), I have been reading through your page and I feel like I have found a kindred something (depending on gender or non-gender) – holy shamoley! It is a great pleasure to run into another devoted Humoristian. Laugh long and prosper, my new friend!

      (I shared the post at the top of your page with my FB friends – and I’ll be sharing it in Humoristian temples everywhere.)

      • I am of the male persuasion. I am glad I am able to finally put a label on that for which I thought no label existed. I am a Humoristian – I gotta say, I love the sound of that. And thanks for sharing – I have to find me of them there Humoristian temples. Sounds like they would be oodles of fun.

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