The Time-Meister

This is the time of the year when I re-discover my power over time… I mean…not my power over the whole world’s time or anything, but my power over the time inside my car. I will re-discover my power not because I’m, like, a brilliant quantum physicist, but because I do not know which buttons to push and what order to push them in to move my clock backwards. So for six months I will be driving in a parallel universe to the cars around me – a universe in which my car will be moving in a realm an hour ahead of every other car. Of course, when spring comes all the other cars will catch up with me again. But still… six months as a time-meister ain’t bad, right?


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2 thoughts on “The Time-Meister

  1. I wanna be a Time-Meister, too. I cannot, because I am so technologically-challenged, I can’t quite figure out which buttons to push without blowing up the entire universe. To create a gaping hole in the fabric of space/time would just ruin my day.

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