Originally posted in 2011 – my resolutions have not changed all that much in three years… 🙂


I resolve to learn the fine art of being slippery when it comes to resolutions – i.e., I will whole-heartedly endeavor to couch all my words in ways that will make it easy for me to get around actually making resolutions.  With this guiding resolution in mind –

1) I resolve to be more patient with the people I want to be more patient with.

2) I resolve to get back that girlish figure – similar to the one I had five minutes ago, before I got it in my noggin that it might be a good idea  to eat that entire box of chocolate raspberry truffles.  (Note that “girlish” is a relative term here, and can easily be got around when it comes to someone trying to pin me down with specifics  –  I mean, I very carefully did not say MY girlish figure [which might actually require some…

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It is difficult to make a man out of drizzle…

We have rain here – loads of drizzly, sloshy, mellow wet. I rather like it.  The beaches and trails are quiet and peaceful – only the hardy (and those of us who are a little crazy) are out there slogging and dancing around in it. But it does make it hard to build a snowman. It is difficult to make a man out of drizzle. Which is why my little snowman from Rite Aid which I have owned, lo, these many years, is so precious to me. Every year I dig him out of wherever I have stashed him – this year it was in a cranny in the garage – and brush him off, fluff out his snowman belly, twist his head around so it’s facing forward, and stick him on the doorstep. I love his cheerful smile – no matter where he’s been stowed, packed, and crammed, he always comes out wearing that irrepressible grin…

– Karen Molenaar Terrell