The Dog’s Chair

The other evening I dozed off in my chair and woke up with the feel of breath on my face and the sense that something was watching me. I opened my eyes to see Sam the Wonder Dog staring at me. I thought she was telling me she needed a walk, so I put the leash on her and took her outside. It was soon apparent she didn’t need to be outside, so I brought her back in and got back in my chair. She came and stood by the chair and stared at me again. Ah. Yes. This time I read the message in her eyes: “It is dark outside. It is time for you to go to your bed, and it is time for me to take over the chair.” As soon as I got up, Sam moved in. It’s now become obvious that she’s just letting me use the chair during the day time. It is actually her chair. Duh, right? I think she’s wondering why it took me so long to figure this out…

– Karen Molenaar Terrell



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