Shameless Plug (or maybe think of this as the Anti-Black Friday)

christmas gifts

Ode to Black Friday

I do not like Black Friday, sir
I do not like the brrr, grrr, whirr
I do not like to fight over socks,
I do not like to get crammed in a box
store,  you will not see me at the Mall
I do not like it, no, not at all.
The crazy, scrambling, hunter’s race
Doesn’t fit my ambling, gatherer’s pace
I like to feel, I like to sniff
I like to take my time and if
I take more time than Sally and Sam
It’s the way I shop, and it works for me, ma’am.
So you will not find me camped outside the store
You will not find me standing at dawn at the door
You will not find me wedged in the mall’s lot
Or crammed in traffic, with wares newly-bought.
For I do not like Black Friday, friend.
Well, except online shopping maybe – they’ll send.
–original poem by Karen “Wingoof” Molenaar Terrell

And… ahem… on that note, I would now like to make a bunch of shameless plugs for things you do not have to venture out of your house and beyond your computer to find…

You can find The Madcap Christian Scientist’s Christmas Book and other books by Karen Molenaar Terrell here:

The poem below was written by Xander Terrell and can be found in his book, Artful Living. All of Xander Terrell’s books can be found here:

Antidote for a Potatoed Head

Slow your mind
It’s racing
Keep the pace
Keep pacing
You’re brain-dead
Retract your thoughts
Center your head
Rinse and Repeat
– Xander Terrell

Dee Molenaar’s autobiography and his classic history of mountaineering on Mount Rainier can be found here:

If you’re looking for art, check out – you’ll find my friends, Karla Locke and William McCoy there, and you will also find my humble efforts at that site – just type the name of the artist you’re looking for into the site’s search engines.

Your teacher friends might find this book interesting:

If you have a sense of humor and an open mind, you might enjoy this collaborative effort:

And on the same site, you’ll find this wonderful coloring books by Dan Miller:



The Dog’s Chair

The other evening I dozed off in my chair and woke up with the feel of breath on my face and the sense that something was watching me. I opened my eyes to see Sam the Wonder Dog staring at me. I thought she was telling me she needed a walk, so I put the leash on her and took her outside. It was soon apparent she didn’t need to be outside, so I brought her back in and got back in my chair. She came and stood by the chair and stared at me again. Ah. Yes. This time I read the message in her eyes: “It is dark outside. It is time for you to go to your bed, and it is time for me to take over the chair.” As soon as I got up, Sam moved in. It’s now become obvious that she’s just letting me use the chair during the day time. It is actually her chair. Duh, right? I think she’s wondering why it took me so long to figure this out…

– Karen Molenaar Terrell


Today is going to be a day. I’m pretty sure.

Adventures of the Madcap Christian Scientist

My dear Humoristian Hooligans – It is going to be a day. I’m pretty sure. And may yours be filled with silver linings and lemonade and early worms. Or… pots of gold?… I mean… may all the birds in your life sing trilly songs today, and may they not use the top of your head for target practice, and may your lemons all be turned into rainbows, or… umm… okay… here’s the thing: Today has you in it, so how bad could it be, right?…

today has you in it

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