The Purse (A Horror Story)

So I bought this new Vera Bradley purse with some of my birthday money – it was on sale and it was smiling at me with big cheerful flowers. I especially like to wear my bags on my back like a backpack and I thought I could do this with my new purse because it has such a long strap to it. So I slipped into a restroom on my walk to see if, without people watching, I could turn that purse into a little backpack. And… ohmygawd… I’m still laughing… I got myself all contorted and twisted up in that purse’s straps and I couldn’t get the thing off me… I tried jumping up and down, thinking the weight of the purse would pull it off my arms – but no good – and I’m twisting and laughing so hard I have tears running down my face – and I’m imagining some hidden camera in there, with people watching me and my battle with this purse… and that makes me double up with laughter… and finally I sort of bend my body over and let the weight of the purse pulls it over my head… and I was free!

And now the purse waits for me by the door… waiting, waiting… I am ascared.

– Karen Molenaar Terrell


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