Ode to Black Friday

I do not like Black Friday, sir

I do not like the brrr, grrr, whirr

I do not like to fight over socks,

I do not like to get crammed in a box

store,  you will not see me at the Mall

I do not like it, no, not at all.

The crazy, scrambling, hunter’s race

Doesn’t fit my ambling, gatherer’s pace

I like to feel, I like to sniff

I like to take my time and if

I take more time than Sally and Sam

It’s the way I shop, and it works for me, ma’am.

So you will not find me camped outside the store

You will not find me standing at dawn at the door

You will not find me wedged in the mall’s lot

Or crammed in traffic, with wares newly-bought.

For I do not like Black Friday, friend.

Well, except online shopping maybe – they’ll send.

–original poem by Karen “Wingoov” Molenaar Terrell


8 thoughts on “Ode to Black Friday

  1. Exactly how I feel. I shop either on line or at the holiday crafts markets around town. That way I know I’m buying from a small, independent crafts person.

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    • Right now I’m looking out my office window as the day begins – I’m on the second floor, looking down at the pasture, and the silhouettes of the trees – bare branches against grey skies. It’s beautiful out there. And right now – 10 miles away – people are fighting over socks and trying to find a parking space at the mall. I am glad to be here, not there. 🙂

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