A Comparison of Monty Python and Lonesome Dove

I am watching Lonesome Dove. People are dying left and right. Five minutes of boozing and yukking it up, and then someone gets shot, hung, whipped, or fricaseed. Sentimental music. Tears for a minute or two. Then back in the saddle. Repeat.

In the last couple hours five guys have been hung, four have been shot and two of them burned, one had a spear thrown through his chest. Another got whipped. Three people got scalped. I know. This is classic western stuff. Good acting. Beautiful scenery. Lots of pretty horsies. But I have had just about enough here.

Breaking news: Angelica Houson’s husband just bit the dust.

Two arrows in Robert Duvall’s leg now and his buddy is following a ghost through the desert.  Robert Duvall just got his leg amputated from the knee down. This is beginning to remind me of that scene in Monty Python:s The Quest for the Holy Grail – you know, the one with The Black Knight?

Ah geeze. And now Duvall has blood poisoning and he’s not looking so good…

Honestly, I think I’d rather watch this:

Ah. That’s better. 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Comparison of Monty Python and Lonesome Dove

  1. So when does Duvall say, “Come back here you coward. I’ll bite your ankles off.” That would definitely make the movie better.

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