To Gov. Romney:

Dear Governor Romney:

Thank you for your recent application for employment. Although your resume was certainly impressive, we felt your job experience and qualifications were not quite the right fit for our job opening. The United States is not a corporation in need of a CEO. We don’t need a boss. We need a hard-working self-sacrificing employee. Our President is not our employer. He is our employee, beholden to us.  We think, perhaps, you might be happier in another position.

We wish you well in your future job search.



2 thoughts on “To Gov. Romney:

  1. Perfect!!

    Rmoney would be happier somewhere else, where such things as “compromise” and cooperation are preferred to a “draconian dictator.”

    It was quite telling that Rmoney constantly touted his “bipartisan” “cooperation” by constantly “reaching across the aisle” while as governor of Massachusetts. And where Rmoney is concerned, the reality was very, very different. He vetoed 758 bills passed by the Mass. legislature. The TRUE bipartisan cooperation came from the legislature, who overrode 753 of those vetoes, many by unanimous assent.

    • 758 vetoes!!! Yikes!!!
      Well, there you have it.
      The man was made to do something besides lead a nation of independent thinkers and hooligans such as comprise the great U.S. of A. He wouldn’t be happy as my President, I’m pretty sure. Trying to lead me and my friends is kind of like herding cats. I don’t think it’d be a whole lot of fun to Romney. Obama seems to do alright with it, though.

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