Ode to Boxing Day

It’s a humble holiday, tucked in between

Christmas and New Year’s, but it’s really keen.

Yeah, things look a little bedgraggled, it’s true

The tree’s a little droopy and no longer new

The movies and music of the Christmas season

Are getting on our nerves now, and we’re seeing no reason

To eat even one more sugary oversweet sweet

It’s time for broccoli and carrots (but maybe hold on the beets)

The pressue for perfection comes off on this day,

The toys have been opened, and it’s come time to play.

And if before we were wearing faux holiday cheer

To blend in with the others and not Scooge-y appear

It’s time now to be genuine, and honest and real

The food banks are empty, people still need a warm meal

The homeless and hungry and jobless and alone

Still need love and caring, still need a home.

So maybe we can celebrate the day after Christmas –

By keeping the spirit of hope alive, we might make that our business.


Happy Boxing Day, my dear hooligan Humoristians! Let’s continue in our conspiracy to spread good will and humorisity in a world desperate for cheer!

Popellina Wingoov Karen I


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