An Abundance of Good

Without going into a lot of detail, I currently find myself peering into a future of financial uncertainty.

And I have never felt richer than I do right now, in this moment.

My life is positively over-flowing with good.  The wealth of love and support I have felt from family and friends in the last few weeks has been overwhelming.  Emails, phone calls, hugs, and precious notes and home-made gifts left on my doorstep have filled my heart with such gratitude and appreciation I feel like I’m about to burst with the abundance of good being showered on me.

Last week, when I was concerned about the health of a loved one, the doctor’s office called to tell me that the tests had come back and showed that my loved one was “perfectly normal and healthy.”  And in that moment I was reminded of what’s really important – every worry and anxiety about the future faded into insignificance when I heard the words: “He’s perfectly normal and healthy.” A few days later my oldest son returned from university – bringing with him his quiet confidence and ready smile – and I felt like the richest woman on earth.

Out of the silent, silver moon,
Out of the mist of the Milky Way,
Out of the gleams of the sentry stars,
Out of the after-day – 

Out of the wonderful songs of birds,
Out of the storm-wind’s whistling throes,
Out of the living green of fields,
Out of the bloom of the rose – 

Out of the music laughter holds,
Out of the lips with kisses curled – 
Boundless assurances everywhere,
Out of the joy of the world.
– Max Ehrmann

Happy Thanksgiving, my dear Humoristian hooligans! May you be filled with the joy of seeing all the abundance of good in your life – and may your day be filled with laughter and kindness!


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