Laughter Therapy

So I’m thinking of becoming a laughter therapist.  I envision people coming to me with their problems, and then paying me to laugh with them about stuff. Of course, it wouldn’t work if my client didn’t bring a sense of humor with her.  I’d have to put that in the fine print, I guess – “This laughter therapist takes no responsibility for being unable to make people laugh who have no sense of humor.”

I suppose there are some things it’d be really hard to laugh about. Death and mass destruction are hard ones. But my clients and I could laugh together about job stress and bills and Big Business and Fox News and things lost and friendships ended and depression and failure.  There’s a lot of great material to work with there.

What do you think I should charge for this kind of service?


9 thoughts on “Laughter Therapy

  1. Can I sign up to be your first patient? I can learn how to not laugh so you can teach me how to laugh again. of course I would need to find a therapist that can teach me how to lose a sense of humour first. This might be harder than I initially thought. I’ll get back to you, ok?

    • Hahhahahhar! Nikki, I may have to pay YOU for laughter therapy! Or maybe we could go into laughter therapy business together. Man, wouldn’t that be a hoot?!

      • Most certainly a hoot. A hoot and a holler. We’d get paid to laugh. There isn’t a better job in the world! Of course we would need to stock up on Tylenol for those side-splitting sessions. We might need a permanent tylenol gofer. Maybe. Ya think?

    • At first I read your post as “We might need a permanent tylenol golfer.” And I thought – “Okay” – and I went with it, started picturing some dude with argyle socks and those funky golfer pants and a really cool golfer hat… and I thought, “Yeah, Nikki’s totally right about this – we need a tylenol golfer as our mascot…”

      What can I say? It has been a long day…

      • It might be mighty hard to hit those itty bitty tylenol capsules into a hole…it could be a new sport, tylenol golfing. And we will be the humoristians who invented it.

        Wait, what were we talking about again?

  2. You can always find situations in which to laugh. Sometimes it will be gallows humor but the fact that you can find the humor in the absurdity of life’s brutality is the difference in keeping your mind or losing it. That is why I became a humorous storyteller. Most of my life I have either had to laugh or I would cry. So I’ve laughed at everything from my own poverty to missing the rapture (and yes, Fox News!). Cheers!

    • Yeah, about that rapture thing…what the heck happened there?! How could you and I have been left behind?! Do you think maybe somebody forgot to tell us where to meet for the transport to Paradise? That kind of thing is always happening to me. The good news is, though, that I think there’s supposed to be another one in 2012. Or maybe that’s just when the whole world implodes. I’m always getting those two things mixed up – the Rapture and the world imploding.

      Anyway. I figure we might as well try to set free as much laughter as we can while we wait for the Big Event, right?

      Run free, chortles, chuckles and guffaws! May you be fruitful and multiply!

      • No, I’ve solved the rapture problem, girl. Did you see the complaint letter I wrote to Jesus, entitled “…I think Jesus is pissed”? Cause he wrote me back (letter attached to blog post).” I’m on the case. Stay tuned! 🙂

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