Baby Jesus Lies in a Manger in the Ford Car Showroom

So yesterday I take my car in for an oil change at the local Ford dealership. The air is really bad in the waiting area – it has the same smell as rubber glue. It takes an hour and a half for them to accomplish the oil change. At some point – wanting to get away from the bad air – I wander onto the sales floor. You probably all can imagine what this looks like – shiny new cars, shiny floors, shiny windows. And in the middle of all this is a huge nativity scene. It’s unexpected and takes me off guard. I stop and look it over – trying to make sense of a nativity scene in the middle of all these shiny new cars. It does not compute. And there’s Mary and Joseph and the wise guys kneeling next to Baby Jesus. And Jesus has a full head of hair and is half as big as Mary, and I’m trying to imagine her birthing this humongous “infant.” I’m thinking “let the poor woman lie down, for crying out loud – she just gave birth to a fifty pound Jesus.”

Anyway. It was an odd experience. Had to share.

Merry Christmas!


The Reading Glasses Hat Trick

So I had three pairs of reading glasses. Lost pairs #1 and #2 months ago. Bought pair #4. Lost pair #3 a couple days ago – right after I bought pair #4. Just now – as I was sitting in my office – the thought came to me to look in this pile of papers beside my desk – I thought I’d remembered hearing something drop from my desk the other day – maybe, I thought, it was pair #3. So I sort of pushed things aside and found pair #2. No. I don’t know. It is beyond me at this point. Maybe Life is playing some kind of weird hat trick with me…? I’ll probably find pair #3 in the refrigerator or something. I’ve found socks in there before.

Alrighty. That is all. Carry on then…

“Who’s (sic) fault is it?”

So a letter came addressed to me from *The Weekly Standard*. Here is, in part, what it said (and those of you who know me might get a good chuckle out of this):
“Dear Fellow Conservative: We have both houses of Congress AND the White House, but important legislation still isn’t getting passed. Obamacare repeal and replace. Immigration reform. Income tax overhaul. And so much more. Who’s (sic – and any respected journalist should know it’s “whose”) fault IS it? President Trump’s? Mitch McConnell’s? Paul Ryan’s? And what about the vicious attacks from the liberal left? The non-stop flow of fake news coming out of the liberal media?”

Karen’s answers to these really profound and erudite questions: “Whose (edit) fault is it? President Trump’s? Mitch McConnell’s? Paul Ryan’s?” Yes. Yes. And yes.

Who’s to blame that things aren’t getting done when Republicans have control of BOTH the Senate and the House of Representatives, as well as a Republican President sitting in the White House? SERIOUSLY?!! Well, you definitely can’t blame Obama this time.You can’t blame the Democrats. And you most certainly can’t blame Bernie. The Republicans are in charge. They hold the ball. It’s their choice where they want to take it.The fact that some of them actually want to do good, instead of evil, for their constituents (and the fact that all of the House members are up for re-election in a year) is what is keeping legislation from being passed that would harm the poor and middle class..

Obamacare – aka The Affordable Care Act – has provided health care insurance to millions of people who couldn’t otherwise afford it; The “immigration reform” proposed by the Republican executive branch would cause grievous harm to innocent people trying to find refuge and better lives for themselves in our country; and if Republicans put through their proposal for tax reform the lower and middle classes are going to lose ground terribly, and the top 2% are going to gain. Again.

Thank goodness we have Republicans of conscience and integrity in the House and the Senate who aren’t supporting this regressive/repressive legislation.But do not blame the progressives because things aren’t getting done. They aren’t the ones in control here.

Regarding the “vicious attacks” from the liberal left? That’s like the schoolyard bully calling someone “vicious” for standing between him and his victim. You can’t get away with launching insults and lies and name-calling (libtard, snowflake, etc.), telling people to shut up if you don’t like what they have to say, and then act all innocent and play the victim. That is nonsense.

Regarding the “non-stop flow of fake news coming out of the liberal media”: Fake news isn’t just the news you don’t happen to like. When people are caught in wrong-doing, it is not “fake news” to expose them. It is journalism.

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The Top of Their List

Nazis marching in the streets of Charlottesville. People dying in Puerto Rico. Threat of nuclear war with N. Korea. Mass shooting in Vegas. And what do our leaders make their priority – what do they put at the top of their list? NFL players kneeling peacefully in protest in a football stadium.

What has happened to my country?